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Some things to consider including

Implementation considerations: proportional and derivative kick, anti-windup, noise filtering, set-point prefilter, discretization, PID circuits

Tuning: Ziegler-Nichols, Åström-Hagglund, Skogestad, auto-tuning etc

Configurations: Cascaded, parallel, etc

Early PID controllers: governor, Mead regulator, Sperry auto-pilot, pneumatic PIDs (TIC)

Historical stuff: N. Minorsky: Directional stability of automatically steered bodies, Trans. Inst. Nav. Archit. 87, 123–159 (1922) (introduction of 3-term PID) (Look up Stuart Bennett he's written a lot about control history)

Modern out of the box PID controllers: PLCs(for instance Eurotherm 2704 Process Controller?) etc