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The Discord Control Conference (DCC) is an online conference aiming at bringing together Researchers, Engineers, Students, and Hobbyists in the vast fields of Control Theory, Control Engineering, and their Applications. The DCC is an initiative aimed at promoting active discussion of control projects or topics. At the end of each month, if there is enough content, presenters and participants gather in a voice channel on the Control Engineering Discord Server. The general target length for a DCC is 1-2 hours.

The DCC aims at being an inclusive conference for all levels within the control engineering field. Therefore there are no requirements on the level of experience of the presenter. Almost any content may be presented as long as it’s related to control engineering. However it is preferable that there is a diverse mixture of applied controls and more theoretical results. As a presenter it is important to keep in mind that not everyone may be an expert in your subfield and therefore keeping content conceptually understandable is important. Some examples of the type of presentations are

  • Project presentation
  • Test Lecture
  • Subject overview
  • Reality check on an idea
  • Presentation of research

Almost anything is acceptable as long as it is relevant to the users of the server! The key is to target the correct time frame for the content. A five minute presentation has very few rigor requirements and could get you unexpectedly good feedback on your topic!

Upcoming Events

The 3rd DCC has not yet been announced. If you are interested in participating, fill out the application form.


Name Date
2nd DCC 10 April 2021
1st DCC 30 January 2021

2nd DCC

Time Presenter Title
6:00pm Falcon Welcome reception and general introduction
6:10pm menturi Impedance and Sliding Mode Switching Control for Improved Safety in Human-Robot Interaction
6:30pm Quellofool Robust Hybrid Clock Synchronization in Networked Control Systems
7:15pm Break
7:25pm Swazyexpress Modeling, Control Theory, and Estimation for Lithium-Ion Battery Operation and Predictions*
7:55pm Nate Methods for Optimization through Contact
8:30pm Falcon Farewell ceremony and wrap-up

* Prerecorded

1st DCC

Presenter Title
Falcon Welcome reception and general introduction
HyperShield Applying fixed-wing guidance laws to mobile robots
Raggy Central pattern generators in robot locomotion
Alo Cybergenetics: A control theory for living cells
MerrilyDOOM Control & Monitoring of Intelligent Electric Power Grid
Falcon Closing